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What's Your Walk-Up?

Initiative Overview

What's Your Walk-Up?

Music has the power to touch our lives and inspire us to be, and do, more. That couldn’t be more true in a place like New York City, where cultures intertwine and the rhythms of the city move each of us to our own beats. When Pepsi Zero Sugar wanted to find a way to bring music education closer to home, we took notice of Upbeat NYC, an organization that uses music and ensemble performance to bring about positive change in the lives of South Bronx children. Add in the passion of hometown hero and former Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, and the “What’s Your Walk Up?” campaign was born.

"With UpBeat NYC, we saw an opportunity to elevate and highlight their commitment to music education locally in the Bronx in a big way – what better way than partnering with a Yankees legend like CC Sabathia," said Justin Faiber, PepsiCo’s Director of Brand Marketing, NYC. Teaming up with Upbeat NYC, Sabathia and the New York Yankees, “What’s Your Walk Up?” gave local music students a chance to have their performance shown in Yankee Stadium – one of the sports most iconic venues – showcasing their talents and passion in the ultimate spotlight moment. To celebrate the intrinsic connection between music and baseball, the campaign also allowed users to record and upload their own walk-up to iconic songs on Instagram, posting their video for a chance to win awesome Yankees memorabilia, tickets and more.

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Stepping Up to the Plate for Our Students

Community Impact


Beyond our partnership with UpBeat NYC to give students a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Yankee Stadium, we also donated $25,000 to the Bronx non-profit, supporting their efforts to enhance youth music education. “For the students at UpBeat NYC, this support from Pepsi Zero Sugar is more than just a monetary donation. For us this means new instruments, equipment repairs, and even more opportunities to reach local youth,” said Liza Austria, Co-Founder of UpBeat NYC. It’s this kind of collaboration between brand and borough that showcases the impact each of us can make in the lives of those around us.

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What's Your Walk Up?



“I know first-hand how the power of music can bring a baseball game to life and I love that Pepsi Zero Sugar wants to bring aspiring musicians from the community on that journey. I love the Bronx and it's great to be involved with a brand and an organization like UpBeat NYC that are looking to create positive change in the borough’s youth."

— C.C. Sabathia, Former Yankees Pitcher

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